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Nikki Howardot már megismerhetted 2017 elején, modellkarrierje azóta is ível, Insta-profilja pedig bőven elég tartalmat biztosít egy újabb képválogatáshoz a harmincegy éves szépségről.

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ATTENTION: GIVING RAD SHIT AWAY As you guys can probably tell, music gets me jazzed (no pun intended) and nothing helps me get through a brutal workout more than DMX, RTJ, and other bands that aren’t all acronyms which is why I am stoked to be a part of this @jaybirdsport giveaway. FACT: I’ve been solely using @jaybirdsport headphones since 2014 and they’re the only headphones Ive found that have amazing sound quality, a built in mic, stay in my god damn ears for an hour straight of sprinting and can deal with the mass amounts of sweat that rolls off my head and I’m so excited to be able to give a few pairs away because no one wants to be that psycho at the gym sprinting to the sound of his own footsteps. Anyway, I finally curated a (in my opinion) rad workout playlist so here it is . Tag someone you think would dig it, follow yours truly and @jaybirdsport because I’m giving away two pairs of the kick ass Jaybird Tarah headphones that I not only personally use and love pretty much every day at the gym, but they’re also sweat proof and weatherproof. PS: If you don’t win head to the @jaybirdsport IG because they’re doing a lot more giveaways or go to where you can pick up a pair of Tarah for $79 for a limited time. And remember, you’re fucking worth it.

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